How to Apply at COIS

Interested in studying at the Only IB Continuum School (Offering the PYP, MYP & DP Programmes) in Ahmedabad? We’re here to help make the process a little simpler. In the meantime, take the following steps to get started:

Choose a Programme:

We being an IB Continuum School, would like to have you start with choosing the program for your ward.

Prepare the Paperwork:

Among the basic paperwork that is commonly required at the Calorx Olive International School is the set of admission forms that are readily available. School would also require proof of completion of previous studies i.e., the academic reports from the last attended school. The school leaving certificate from the last school would also be required in original. In case of international students, a letter of recommendation from the last school shall be required. The birth certificate, age proof and the residential proof of the child is necessary.

Check Specific Admission Requirements:

In special cases and needs, specific documentation would be required. For specific admission requirements, you may please contact the Admissions Officer for an easy-going enrolment process. We would be happy to help you.

Submit your application:

Most of the applications are accepted online as well as offline. Application forms are available at our website. After you’ve completed filling the admission forms, you would be required to attach the supportive documents essential to comply with the admission protocols. A one-month admission fee is charged by the school for every new admission, which would be non-refundable. The precise figures of the detailed fees can be known by contacting the admissions office.

Wait to be admitted:

Admission results are announced in couple of days once the academic reports and the background check of the child is thoroughly scrutinised. An official admission confirmation is sent to the parent through email and the parent would be required to pay the Tuition Fee for the upcoming semester.