About Us


Every school has buildings, laboratories, learners, teachers and systems of learning that characterize the institution. Smartboards, whiteboards and classrooms that echo the steps of hundreds of young feet are common features in a school.

At COIS, after a thorough study of the international programs being provided, we have designed our infrastructure to support and enhance the same. Spread over a sprawling 10-acre campus, we have designed the school keeping in mind the wind side, compass directions for vastu, elevations, sun & rain direction thus creating a calm and peaceful environment for effective learning.

Bringing the serenity of the Gurukul School of learning to COIS is another fascinating aspect of our design. Students for certain classes are drawn away from the technological gizmos of modern-day classrooms to absorb nature in its simplest form: the open-air classrooms, which stimulate positive thought processes.

Thus, immense care has been taken to ensure that there is emotional, intellectual and spiritual interaction between the students and nature.

Infrastructure at COIS comprises state-of-the-art world class facilities, resources, landscaped areas and equipment to enhance a student's all-round development. The sprawling campus entails four separate buildings - the admin block, Primary block, Secondary block & Jnr. College block. All these blocks are well designed & temperature controlled to support effective learning and increase the concentration and efficiency of the faculty and students. Specially designed pathways and sign boards are spread over the campus to ensure that our primary school students can maneuver themselves independently across the campus. COIS has professionally managed house-keeping staff.

All classrooms are spaciously designed to accommodate a maximum of 22 students. Each class room in the primary block has an equally large courtyard for various class activities. Flexible and movable fittings and furniture is specially designed for comfortable writing, drawing, use of laptops and audio equipment. Each classroom has individual lockers for each student and a Resource, Reading, Art and Math corner. A roll-up white screen above the blackboard is used for audio visuals and teaching aids along with a computer in each class and wireless internet.

Science Labs are equipped with PASCO instruments which aid students in conducting experiments with phenomenal accuracy and conduct research.More information about PASCO instruments can be found here:https://www.pasco.com/