We believe that Integrity is the greatest asset any human being can have. Education needs to inculcate this value in the learner. The only way we can create that for the learner is by leading by an example.

What You Will Learn:

  • Staying true to one’s own said and unsaid Commitment

  • Being Principled

  • Demonstrating reliability and trustworthiness

  • Honour for one’s word and actions being aligned to the good for the organisation and society


  • Being Honest in one’s dealings, communication and action

  • Doing what you said you would do

  • Communicate when you can’t complete the task and restore the trust


  • Commit which can’t be fulfilled or when unsure or uncertain.

  • Doubt people’s intentions

  • Doubt other’s integrity of other stake holder.

We believe that education has done the job only when it has created respect for all the Individuals, diverse cultures and for the humanity.

What You Will Learn?

  • Honour and respect for individuals

  • The Act of Forgiving and Asking for Forgiveness

  • Creating Alignment amongst one another and

  • Experiencing and expressing Love and Care


  • Respect confidentiality

  • Respect individual’s opinions and ideas, may not result in accepting the same.

  • Respect all religions, caste and culture and dressing.

  • Appreciate positive actions or efforts..

  • Respect organisational structure, rules and regulations..

  • Be polite.

  • Be sensitive to the needs of others.


  • Derogatory comment about other’s culture, religion, views

  • Gossips

  • Physical punishments and

  • Touch, except a firm hand shake

  • Deliberate touching

  • Superficial in your appreciation

  • Be Rude and aggressive

The critical element of true education is the openness for new perspectives, willing to go beyond the set boundaries and demonstrating out of the box thinking.


  • Being a lifelong learner

  • Being Innovative

  • Deep Respect for each religion and being truly secular Openess


  • Open to new ideas and perspectives

  • Stimulate others and yourself to think differently.


  • Reject ideas or input without listening

  • Narrow minded

  • Limit your possibilities

  • Dismiss non-conventional or new ideas

  • Reject others cultural and religious beliefs and values

Learner’s evolution through education is not possible without accountability. When one is accountable one relates to oneself as the person answerable for the task or the objective that one has taken on. Accountability not as given by position or designation, it is relating to one self as accountable and ensuring that the said objective is fulfilled.


  • Fulfilling on commitment without compromise

  • Honesty

  • Being System Oriented Accountability


  • Be accountable for your actions and words

  • Be Honest with others and one’s self

  • Resolve things through systems

  • Respect organisational structures and decisions

  • Be Honest

  • Ensure that the assigned task gets complete.

  • Be Transparent in your dealings.

  • Keep the deadlines and communicate in advance in case of any breakdown.


  • Hide information or facts

  • Impede upon others progress

We believe that one of the prime roles of education is to foster leadership in the learner. Hence as an organisation we are committed to that being one of the core values and being true to that all the time.

The leadership that we are referring here is the leadership that generates:

  • Team work

  • Inspiration for each individual for greater performance

  • Alignment to the objective beyond Self

  • Being of Service to others and

  • Compassion

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