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Activities, Club & Sports

Infrastructure and Activities:

Activity specific rooms are designed in the academic block to support COIS co-curricular program. Some of these include:

Art studio, design and technology room Music studio including reading music and playing instruments Visual arts room for educational and entertaining film shows Dance room for Indian and Western activities to focus on rhythm and movement Well - equipped computer centers and science laboratories Theater & Performing Arts room for confidence building, oral communication skills and student creativity Dedicated auditorium & open air amphitheater for performances Partly covered and open air cafeteria for students to relax and rejuvenate.

A well-resourced and exhaustive library is the highlight of the COIS infrastructure. To maintain the serenity and a natural environment and at the same time inspiring reading and learning, the library is suspended over a water body and contours of landscapes. The vibrations of the water lend to a peaceful setting for research, reading and even a quiet moment for students. Therein lies the essence of the architectural inputs for COIS.

Sporting & exploring facilities are a combination of indoor & outdoor activities.

Indoor facilities include table tennis, board games & martial art s training In the primary section indoor activities include sharpening of fine motor skills, hand eye coordination, body flexibility & balance Outdoor sports activities include tennis courts, volley ball courts, an athletic track, soccer field, net sessions and a swimming pool manned with life guards on duty all the time Physical education at higher levels will include outdoor activities like rock climbing, rappelling & obstacle course races Skating rink, basketball Students in the secondary school are given the opportunity to learn about India through day field trips, overnight outings, adventure camps and cultural trips. This program, offers students the rich opportunity to travel and learn various cultures of the Indianheritage

Areas of Emphasis:

Hands on experience in different activities. Activities to be conducted at different levels based on the students interest and acumen for a particular activity he / she will be take forward through a certificate course Low student teacher ratio will be maintained to ensure effective teaching and learning Qualified personnel s and instructors for the above mentioned activities The campus will be supported by a strong security system, daily check in and check out systems by responsible homeroom teachers, healthy and hygienic snacks & a sophisticated IT infrastructure. A private bus service provides transportation for students between home and school. Each bus will have a responsible attendant as well as a mobile phone for easy access & a first aid kit.

Football for Juniors
Pyramids Gymnastics
Relay Race
Rock Climbing
Rope Jumping Activities