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We welcome you at COIS, Education for Real Life!

Primary Programme

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Primary Years Programme (PYP) for children aged 3 to 12.

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Middle Years Programme

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) Middle Years Programme (MYP) is for students aged 11-16.

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Diploma Programme

The International Baccalaureate® Diploma Programme (DP) is for students aged 16-19.

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About Us

Welcome to Calorx Olive International School!

Calorx Olive International School is all about arriving at the next level, reaching out for the extraordinary and making that quantum leap, from a linear ‘teaching’ environment, to a friendlier ‘learning’ environment. We believe in helping our students align better to a world where change is inevitable and adapting to that change rapidly, the need of the hour.

At Calorx Olive International School, we believe that for laying a solid foundation of learning the child should be motivated to develop the skills of independent thinking and problem solving. This is facilitated through a robust curriculum that is tailored towards meeting individual learning needs, thereby encouraging every student to achieve his or her potential.

  • We provide solid foundation of learning.
  • We Help Your Child with independent thinking, problem solving and develop the skills.
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Message From Management

Mr. Ankur Upadhyay
Head of School

It gives me a great pleasure in extending a warm welcome to all our students, parents, staff and our greater school community.

We must remember that education is not about scoring marks. It is always about personal growth. So that best student is not one who gets maximum marks, but the one who learns every day.

Education should be practically useful, providing us guidelines on how to live better. Ultimately, education does not teach us about life. It is life. That is why education should not be subject driven, it should impart life skills. Chief among them are values.

Vision Statement

To bring out the best in every child, thereby fully equipping him/her to make a significant difference for the betterment of our society. Our alumni should be known in the world for their values, spirit of leadership and achievements.

Mission Statement

Be a centre of Excellence which promotes internationalism and upholds cultural values, acquiring and sharing knowledge whilst setting new standards of educational practices to create responsible members of society.



COIS Achievement

COIS has been ranked as the number two International Day School in Ahmedabad and Gujarat, by the Education School World Ranking 2019-20.

COIS has achieved top ranking in various academic & Other activities by digital learning top schools in India

21 Sep 2021

COIS has been ranked as the number one International school in Gujarat by India Merit Award by Education Today.

21 Sep 2021

Students of Calorx Olive International School(COIS) do India proud

21 Sep 2021