World's leading universities recognise the DP as one of the highest standards in university preparatory education. Research studies suggest that higher rates of DP students go on to university and higher education study than non-IB students. Further, DP students report being better prepared for postsecondary studies than their peers. In India, it is recognised by Association of Indian universities and UGC as equivalent of Grade 12 exams. Indian equivalent percentage transcript is separately issued by AIU on request to meet admission requirement in some Indian Universities.

Yes. The requirements of these exams have been constantly evolving hence conversation with Diploma programme coordinator at a given point of time will give exact clarity for a given point of time.

As IB Diploma programme is very rigorous programme, Universities abroad, especially in USA, award advance placements credits if scores in HL subjects are above 5. This often results in decrease of six months of study time in university course. You will find that admission offices take Diploma Programme and its courses very seriously.

The IB Diploma Program prepares you best for university as per admission officers of top-notch universities around the world. The six subjects’ groups give you chance to pursue career of your choice and interest that suits your abilities and aspirations. You choose to go in depth in three of those areas, to pursue your own interests. All your work is assessed highly qualified teachers at COIS, guaranteeing that you have measured yourself by standards accepted around the world.The IB diploma is accepted as a standard of excellence throughout the world.

As shared by IB, The DP prepares students for a successful transition to higher education as it:

  • is challenging; offers a global perspective;
  • is an integrated programme;
  • is interdisciplinary;
  • develops extended writing skills;
  • includes the Extended Essay is an independent project developing inquiry, research, independent study and extended writing skills;
  • develops critical analysis through its Theory of Knowledge course;
  • develops student’s affective skills such as resilience, time management and perseverance.

To earn the Diploma, students must enrol in six IB subjects (three at Standard Level and three at Higher Level) and complete the core components (Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge, and Creativity, Activity and Service). Students who earn at least 24 out of the available 45 points in all assessments and components receive the Diploma. Students can elect to take stand-alone IB courses and these are referred to as Diploma Course Subjects (Certificates). A student who takes one or more stand-alone IB subjects completes the course and passes the final assessments will earn a certificate for those courses.

View from Stanford University admission officer: https://youtu.be/T2WqVDuit3I Views from admission officer Cambridge https://vimeo.com/329990610 (source:ibo.org) Heads of Admissions from top UK universities have said the following about the DP: “We welcome applications from students following the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. Most degree courses offered at Bristol require a point score of at least 32 with some requirements as high as 38 points, with 18 points at higher level. Where specified subjects are required at A Level, we may specify 6 points at HL for grade A* or A, and 5 points at higher level for grade B.” - University of Bristol “King’s welcomes students from the UK and across the globe studying the IB Diploma. Our offers will usually specify certain marks in three subjects at higher level, in addition to an overall point score for the whole Diploma. Our point score includes points for Theory of Knowledge and the Extended Essay.” - King’s College, London “We welcome applications from IB students. Our offers are based on your overall IB score, but we may also require specific grades in relevant higher-level subjects. Our course pages give full details of the grades and subjects required. Our typical offer ranges from 31-36.” - University of York These examples prove selective universities make offers based on the total points achieved by the applicant as well as attainment in the higher-level subjects. Source:(ibo.org)

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