Director's Message

We all are travellers on a cosmic journey and this moment is a short parenthesis in eternity. This existence of ours is transient. It is said that we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but rather spiritual beings having a human experience. Within this short passage of time, we have to pass on the best qualities to our children, so that they emerge stronger, much stronger than us, as they venture into Life.

Each one of us has a multitude of roles to play – a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Boss, Employee, Neighbour, Citizen and so many more. To my mind, by far the most important role we have is that of a Parent. What can be more important than guiding our young children to a better tomorrow ? The consequences of good parenting or a failure of effective parenting can have far reaching consequences for our children. To a child, love spells t-i-m-e, so we must give quality time to our children and give them the best education feasible.

The current formal education in most curricula prepares students for the world of the past, rather than what possibly lies ahead. Most curricula do not reveal what the student can actually do with what is learnt in the classroom, once she / he steps out of the classroom. In comparison, the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum is best suited to develop a child for the future.

The IB programs allow greater breadth and develops a wide range of skills. It is widely accepted all over the world. It has increasingly become a natural choice for schools and students worldwide.

IB is not just about academic success. It is about developing, growing and succeeding in all areas of life. Only by thinking themselves can students begin to experience the responsibilities incurred by their decisions. Research has shown that IB students fare better in life than those who have graduated from other curricula. They are better prepared to face the world.

The conditions in the world are changing significantly. We now live in a VUCA world, a world that is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. It is thus our responsibility as Parents and Teachers to guide our children, so that they are better armed to face the VUCA world.

The following will strengthen a child to move forward in this world :
Work Skill. Each one must work steadily to hone a work skill. Without a good work skill in her / his armoury, a child would be marching to someone else’s tune. Only individuals with one or more work skills will succeed in the demanding workplace of the future.
Respect. Each child must welcome differences between human beings and be able to cooperate with others. In today’s world we all are interdependent on each other and respect towards others is an absolute necessity. Parents, Teachers and everyone in the community must exhibit respect. A Culture of Respect is very important, both at School and at Home.
Synthesis. The child must learn to unclutter the mind and focus on what is truly important. She / he must be able to see through the fog. The Theory of Knowledge that is a part of the IB Diploma Program is very useful in developing this skill. It develops the ‘Synthesizing Intelligence’ of a student.
Life Skills. Knowledge of facts is a useful ornament, but a child needs much more to be a success in life. We are losing our social skills and human interaction abilities. There is excessive focus on mindless sharing of inane messages on the social media. Our brains have been programmed to give a ‘Like’ or a thumbs up every time a message, no matter how worthless, comes into our Inbox. Rather than getting overly involved in the social media, children need to be taught important skills such as how to take a decision, how to get along with people, how to be more empathetic towards others and how to handle the up's and down's of life.

Too many schools are just knowledge cramming organisations, They emphasise on quantity rather than quality. They go by the philosophy that a score of 90 on 100 in maths or science is equal to being a success in Life. While having knowledge is important, it is other attributes that contribute to a person being a success in life. We at Calorx Olive International School strive for that success. We see a mission before us, a very important mission, that is, to develop your child in all spheres.

Thank you dear parents, for being so committed towards COIS. We need to join hands and commit ourselves fully to nurture our children. Let us make grooming our children our mission. As the Director of COIS, I am aware of the immense responsibility on me. While I hold one hand of the child, you need to hold the other hand.

Thank you.
With best wishes to each member of the COIS Family !

Warm regards,
Dr.Colonel Atul Bhandari
Calorx Olive International School